May 21, 2021: Early Childhood Educator Recognition Day

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March 2021: We would like to recognize our ECEs as the essential workers they are.  

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November 20, 2020: National Child Day release of Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta videos on the importance of early learning and child care and early childhood educators

Video for the public

Video for parents, guardians, and grandparents

Video for early childhood educators

March 30, 2019: ELCC conference at the Medicine Hat College

Keynote: Why are we still talking about play- Launa Clark, Motivention

Get outdoors in the early years- Christina Pickles, Connected by Nature

Professionalism in early learning and the role of the professional association- Manna Middleton & Joanne Keilty, AECEA

Superhero play and beyond, Launa Clark

2018: The MHDCCA wishes to thank all of the Early Childhood Educators of Southeast Alberta for their hard work with children and families.

Shaw TV Feature – Early Childhood Appreciation and the Importance of Play: Posted: July 10, 2016

Early Childhood Educator for a Day

  • 2017- Speaker Bob Wanner
  • 2016- MLA Drew Barnes
  • 2015 – Mayor Ted Clugston
  • 2014 – MP LaVar Payne
  • 2013 – MLA Blake Pedersen