Interested in becoming an Approved Family Day Home Educator?

Check out the Government of Alberta’s Website for more info.

Contact one of our member day home agencies.

Alberta Family Child Care Association video on becoming a family day home educator.

Early Childhood Educators

The MHDCCA’s members are child care centers, preschools, day home agencies, and out of school cares located in Southeast Alberta.  If you are looking for employment in one of these programs, please check out our list of members.  If you would like your resume sent out via email to the directors, please email it, along with a statement of what type of employment you are looking for, to our Coordinator at

Child Care Directors

Are you looking for Early Childhood Educators to work in your program or to operate their own day home?

Check out the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta’s job board at  You do not need to be an AECEA member to post a job.

YMCA Employment Services offers a job board at their office on 1st Street.  Please email postings to

Medicine Hat College Employment & Resource Centre has a board for employers to post positions for students at

Medicine Hat Job Shop website:

Saamis Aboriginal Employment & Training Saamis Aboriginal Employment & Training has a FREE job board that employers are welcome to post jobs plus we can do referrals to client.  Please email you job postings to or fax to 403-504-4224.

Canada-Alberta Job Order Bank Service: JOBS is a job bank service for Alberta employers and job seekers.  Employers can post job opportunities free of charge: online at the Job Bank for Employers or by phone: 1‑800‑999‑1546

Post a free job ad on the Kijiji website:  There is also a kijiji app you can post ads on your phone.

Indeed website:  You do need to create an account in order to post a job.

Neuvoo website:  There is a charge for this service after the first 3 days.

LinkedIn, a social media platform for workers, also has the ability to post jobs.  Check out their job posting website.

Use Facebook to your advantage!  Facebook recently launched a new Jobs tab feature to simplify the process to post jobs on Facebook and receive applications. The jobs tab on facebook feature is available on your Facebook business pageYou can go beyond your Facebook business page and explore more options for posting a job on Facebook:

  • Your personal account timeline. The job ad will appear on your Facebook feed, so that all your friends (or a subset of your choice) will find out about your open role. Employees could also share on their own personal Facebook accounts.
  • A group. If you’re part of a professional Facebook group, or know people in a social group who might be interested in this position, share your job ad with their members.
  • Private message. If you think some of your contacts would be a good fit for a certain position, gauge their interest with a private message.
  • Use paid Facebook advertising to attract more job candidates. If you’re looking for qualified candidates in a hurry, try a sponsored post on Facebook. You can turn any Facebook post into a sponsored post clicking the “Boost Post” button.